For tourists from overseas

Sightseeing secret spot near Tokyo, Sayama Lake Italian restaurant

Only 40 to 60 minutes from Ikebukuro and Shinjuku

In the vicinity of Lake Sayama
(1) The Totoro Forest in the anime movie “Totoro Next Door” 
(2) Also a character of “Totoro next door”, the house of Kurosuke no Kurosuke
(3) Beluna Dome and Seibu Garden Amusement Park
and so on (each has a distance) 
Adriano a short walk from the lake of Lake Sayama
Overseas people often stop by and it is popular 
Lunch time with fun scenery is advantageous and recommended 
Credit card and QR payment can be used.
Please come by all means. We look forward to seeing you. 
Please pay attention to holidays and business hours